The Pine Bluff Arsenal (PBA) is a US Army installation located in Jefferson County, Arkansas, just northwest of the city of Pine Bluff. PBA is one of nine Army installations in the United States that stored chemical weapons. PBA supplies specialized production, storage, maintenance and distribution of readiness products, and delivers technical services to the Armed Forces and Homeland Security. PBA also designs, manufactures and refurbishes smoke, riot control, and incendiary munitions, as well as chemical/biological defense operations items. It serves as a technology center for illuminating and infrared munitions and is also the only place in the Northern Hemisphere where white phosphorus munitions are filled. Its Homeland Security mission includes first-responder equipment training and surveillance of prepositioned equipment.

Pine Bluff Housing Office

10020 Kabrich Circle
Pine Bluff, AR 71602-9500

Phone 870-540-3000
Phone (DSN) 312-966-3000
Fax 870-540-3461
Fax (DSN) 312-966-3461

Pine Bluff Arsenal provides government housing for active duty Army personnel assigned to the installation and other qualified service members (Navy, Air Force, Marine, Public Health Service, or Coast Guard). The Arsenal maintains 44-single family housing units. There are 10 four-bedroom units which are designated for field grade officers. 14 three bedroom units are designated for junior officers, and 20 are for senior NCOs. The commander has the final assignment authority.