Marketing To The Military

Military Friendly Real Estate Business Advertising offer services to Real-estate Professionals, including but not limited to, Realtors, Agents, Builders, Property Managers and miscellaneous service providers.

If you are not marketing your business to the military, you are losing huge customer base because the military relocates quite often and brings in prominent referrals, so DO NOT limit your future growth and prospects. Join today and get to build connections with military families moving to your area.

"PRO BUSINESS PLAN" is the best plan for any Realtor®, Agent, Builder or Property Manager as it gives you a full-page business profile with option to POST UNLIMITED PROPERTY LISTINGS. For new-comers in the real-estate sector, no need to worry about getting your own website and starting from the scratch. You can work with to tap into an already established market for military families; looking to buy, sell or rent homes near military bases, nationwide.


Business Advertising Plans

Business Plan

  • Dedicated Business Profile

    Dedicated page (with virtually unlimited space) to create your profile with lead form (contact form) and messages will be delivered to your inbox, instantly.
    View Actual Profile Page

  • Military Business Directory

    Directory page displays your photo, contact numbers, your website url with link to your main business profile page.
    View Directory

  • Listing Page Exposure

    Your profile summary with link to main buisness profile on listing details page to let prospective buyers or renters know more about you by visiting your profile and browsing other listings you have posted.
    For demo, click agent listings and see details page.

  • Base Page Exposure

    Your profile summary with link to main buisness profile on military base page.
    For demo, view military base page.

  • Home Page Exposure

    Your profile summary with link to main buisness profile on home page (in random order).

  • State Page Exposure

    Your profile summary with link to main buisness profile on state page (in random order).
    For demo, visit Geogria Military Bases page.


PRO Business Plan


    If you post individual listings, you pay $49.95 for each listing but if you are member of PRO Business Plan you do not need to pay anything to list your properties.

  • No hidden fee
Common Questions

Q 1: If I signup BUSINESS PLAN, can I still post listing?
Answer: CERTAINLY! You do not need any special privileges to list your properties on You may choose any plan (viz "basic", "premium" or "featured") and post your listing. You'll have to pay activation fee for each listing seperately.

Q 2: Can I post single listing as an agent, builder or property manager?
Answer: YES, you can post single (or multiple) listing as an agent, builder or property manager. In listing posting form, you can choose if you want to post as an agent, builder or property manager (see the screenshot below).

Home for sale by agent, builder or property manager