How To Sell / Rent Home To Military Personnel?

Looking for renting to military tenant or a military family to buy your house?
Confused about how to market your home for sale or advertise your house for rent to military only?
We are here to help you in finding right candidate for your home.

Since 2004 helped thousands of homeowners in finding best military tenants or home buyers. We provide an easy platform to connect with military families, looking for housing near base.

How we can help to sell or renting house to military personnel?

You can post listings for sale, for rent or sublet with the following benefits:

  • Ample space to write your property description and highlight the key features
  • Show distance from nearest military bases (you may choose 3 bases)
  • Upload up to 50 photos
  • Print real estate flyer for offline marketing of your home for sale or rental
  • Locate property on Google map, and
  • Neighborhood information on details page via WalkScore api
  • Link to schools in your area via GreatSchools
  • Mortgage calculator or BAH rates (for rental ad) on property details page

Marketing Your Home to Military Members

Advertise your home for sale by owner, house for rent or sublet a room for rent in our website is very easy. Create your account, choose your desired package, fill up the form with property deatils, upload pictures, pay the activation fee and you're done.

We offer 3 different plans to list your home in our website:
  • Basic Listing @ $24.95/yr - 1 photo (on details page)
  • Premium Listing @ $49.95/yr - 20 photos
  • Featured Listing $ $69.95/yr - 50 photos

Who Can Post Listings?

Marketing Your Home for Rent to Military Families

We do not restrict anyone from using our services. If you have a property near base and you are willing to sell or renting to military tenants - you can list your property on

Can I Advertise My Business?

Advertise Military Friendly Business

If you are a military friendly business like Realtor®, real estate agent, builder, lender or property manager etc you are welcome to advertise your business with us.

For more information about business advertising, please visit business plans page.

Compare Home Advertising Plans & Features

Basic Listing Plan

(Suitable for Renting A Room)
If you are planning to sublet or rent a room in your home, basic listing plan is perfect choice for you. It comes with option to upload 1 picture of your room and 3,000 characters space to highlight your offerings. Like premium and featured plans (above) you can print flyer and do off-line promotion of your room for rent.

  • 1 Photo (shown on property details page)
  • 3,000 Characters Description
  • Printable Flyer
  • Link to Google Map

(valid for 365 days)

Post BASIC Listing!

Premium Listing Plan

(Most Popular)
No matter whether you are selling or renting your house, premium listing plan is one of the best plans for home owners.

You may upload up to 20 high quality pictures to engage prospective buyer or renter on your AD page. Do not lose this opportunity and try to exhaust the limit of 20 photos.

  • 20 Photos
  • 5,000 characters description
  • Specify room dimensions
  • Link to Your Virtual Tour
  • Advertise Near 3 Military Bases
  • Printable Flyer
  • Walkscore / Map on Details Page
  • Colorful Flyer with HTML Source Code
  • Priority Over Basic Listings

(valid for 365 days)

Post PREMIUM Listing!

Featured Listing Plan

(Maximum Exposure)
Featured listing plan gives maximum exposure to your property AD page. Although, premium listing plan is most popular among home owners to advertise home for sale/rent but this plan has its own value which makes you to stand out in the crowd of multiple premium listings. Few extra $$$ and your listing jumps to the top of other premium listings.

Additionally, you may upload 50 pictures of your property to display each and every part of your property to prospective military families looking to buy or rent.

  • 50 Photos
  • 10,000 Characters Description
  • Specify room dimensions
  • Link to Your Virtual Tour
  • Advertise Near 3 Military Bases
  • Printable Flyer
  • Priority Display Over Premium Listings
  • Flyer With HTML Code
  • Walkscore / Map On Details Page
  • Colorful Flyer with HTML Source Code
  • Extra Exposureon State Pages (other than chosen base pages)
  • Priority Display On Base & Search Pages

(valid for 365 days)

Post FEATURED Listing!

Features & Benefits

I'm Real Estate Agent with Bulk Listings!

To advertise military business near bases and reaching military families you may want to visit our business advertising plans, especially designed for Realtors®, real estate agents, builders and property managers including any military friendly business.
For more information, visit business advertising page.

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